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presenting the (mostly) rock 'n' roll photography of exiled londoner steve rapport, spanning the years 1980-1994.

his personal favorites would include the magnificent bruce springsteen at the meadowlands, new jersey (august 1984), the lovely annie lennox at the churchill hotel in london (april 1985), the charismatic bono (somewhere in ireland, winter of 1982), the enigmatic david bowie on the set of loving the alien (march 1985), the inspirational billy bragg on 6th avenue in new york (september 1984), the heroic nelson mandela at wembley stadium (london, 1990), and the late, lecherous john lee hooker outside his home in redwood city, california (november 1992).

these days steve can be found teaching martial arts at his hwa rang kwan school in san francisco, or railing against injustice and authoritarianism with his friends at indivisiblesf. he likes to take pictures of his travels and his cats mivvi and mitty with his iphone.

“blow away the dreams that tear you apart
blow away the dreams that break your heart
blow away the lies that leave you nothing but lost & brokenhearted”
promised land / bruce springsteen

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